Located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, Hubka Farms has been harvesting more than 2000 acres of forages since 2004. With a growing operation and expansion of crop types, Hubka Farms wanted to create a new logo that was simple and clean that would cover all facets of their company. We produce a new logo and branding assets to showcase their brand new look.
Hubka Farms wanted a cleaner and more modern look when building their next logo that explained who they are and what they do. The color palette used for this project is natural foliage tones with an emphasis on alfalfa and grain colors. The typeface is of simple design with slight curves and a good flow throughout. We included an alternate logo, to give more range of use to the customer, that is a simple design with the farm initials.

Simple and Clean.

Throughout this branding project, we focused on one cohesive them: Keep it simple. We focused on creating a logo that could be scaled for use on multiple platforms, including print, digital, and real-world. Going with a single word mark in the final logo allowed for a simple and clean look that our client was searching for in their new branding effort.

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