Grolinx creates custom grow containers, engineered specifically for a marijuana grow operation. With a self-contained grow facility, complete with airflow fans, security cameras, insulation, and grow lights, growers can produce year-round without having to worry about Mother Nature raining on their parade (no pun intended). Grolinx came to UrbanBigfoot for a new logo, branding assets, and a landing page for their website.
After hours and hours of brainstorming, trashing ideas, and spending too much time perfecting our trashcan basketball skills, an idea hit us for this logo design. One advantage of using Grolinx containers for your grow operation is that you can stack the containers on top of one another in a link type fashion. With this idea, we incorporated an open link into the logo to not only form the letter X but to also symbolize that Grolinx containers can be easily linked together for all your operational needs.

Linking the world.

We wanted to showcase the uniqueness of Grolinx new brand asset in a way that stood out from others in the industry. This idea never left the project room floor but we wanted to include it to showcase the ideas and thoughts that were coming out of the office surrounding this project.

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Built in the pacific Northwest.