Forage Genetics is a cutting edge outfit that produces high quality genetically modified agricultural seed. With a high demand for a seed that will withstand drought, bug and plant infestation, or anything else that Mother Nature can throw a farmers way, FGI has a winning formula. Their Idaho branch contacted us for some trade show banners that they wanted to produce showcasing their HarvExtra™ and Salt Tolerant seed products.

Trade Show Banners.

With these banners, FGI wanted a way for trade show attendees to see the benefits of using their HarvExtra™ seed compared to conventional alfalfa seed. They wanted to showcase the lignin content, fiber digestibility, and shorter harvest schedule that comes with planting their HarvExtra™ seed.

Soon after we produced the HarvExtra™ banner, they contacted us to create another banner for the salt tolerance in alfalfa. They wanted to show how salt can effect the growth of alfalfa and the locations of their study.

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