BT Biotech wants to revolutionize the healthcare industry with at home tests that allow for people to recognize the systems of an infection without having to go to the hospital. BT Biotech wanted a logo that shows who they are and how they are turning the industry on their hand.

Nurturing life.

The business card design that we went with for BT Biotech was a simple one that includes a opac background of chemical compounds on the front and a running border on the back that has the same pattern. The client wanted something simple and easy in design that would be eye-catching to a potential client and make them want to learn more about the company.
When BT Biotech first came to us, something instantly popped into our heads about the design that we were going to go with. After a few rounds of trial-and-error with some other designs, we landed on a design that we not only liked but that our client fell in love with. Included in the logo is a simple word mark with the BT nested inside of  a skeletal formula.

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